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Ask the Experts

iSeries security planning

  • Security implemented via default settings

    One member writes, "I'm looking at security implemented via default settings." Do you see a risk of having any of the above commands not set to *EXCLUDE (e.g., *USE)?" Security expert Carol Woodbury says it depends. Click over and see...  Continue Reading

  • Resetting SST user passwords

    One member wrote, "How can I reset SST user passwords?" Security expert Carol Woodbury was on hand to offer some advice.  Continue Reading

  • Setting the*CMD parameter

    I want to set the*CMD parameter in the CHGUSRAUD command for the users who have user class in *SECOFR.


    How can I write the CL?  Continue Reading

  • Securing the iSeries Helpdesk

    This member is trying to secure his iSeries Helpdesk. He understands that he has a few options, but he's not sure which method would be the best. Systems management expert Scott Ingvaldson shares his thoughts.  Continue Reading

  • Changing QCRTAUT from *CHANGE to *USE

    One user writes, "I have been asked by an auditor to change the QCRTAUT value from *Change to *Use. If I change the libraries to *USE rather than the SYSVAL, will I accomplish the same thing without having to perform an in-depth study of Appendix D...  Continue Reading