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Ask the Experts

iSeries application development tools

  • How to find out if there is a binding directory available

    One user writes, "Our company has many ILE programs that may or may not be created by using a binding directory. When I have changed a module within a program, how can I find out if there is a binding directory available to rebind (CRTPGM) for this ...  Continue Reading

  • Read records on a subfile

    One user writes, "How can I read all records on a subfile? Using READC opcode, one can read only the changed records. I have been working with the SFLNXTCHG keyword but without success. A simple example illustrating the subfile DDS, as well as the ...  Continue Reading

  • RPG-free routine to calculate dates

    One user writes, "I thought that I saw somewhere an RPG-free routine using %DATE (bif) to calculate the day of the week. For example, MON, TUE, etc.? I need to place the day on a screen." Development expert John Blenkinsop responds.  Continue Reading

  • Manipulating a file

    One user writes, "How would I go about taking a list of users and making it a file that I can manipulate? For example, "wrkusrprf *all"." Thankfully, development expert John Blenkinsop was one hand to offer some advice.  Continue Reading

  • Interrupting a user's session

    One user writes, "I want to send the user a message that will interrupt their session and remind them to transmit the payroll. Right now I send break messages throughout the day. The user doesn't want the reminder if they already executed the job....  Continue Reading