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Physical connections to iSeries

  • Configure the iSeries v5r4 to open the HTTPS port for incoming connections

    When the HTTPS 443 port is not accessible from interned but is open within the local network, open the port for incoming connections by recognizing the problem as a network firewall issue rather than an iSeries issue.  Continue Reading

  • Working with ODBC and dates

    One member writes, "I use Business Objects and Viewpoint to access DB2/400 via ODBC. Since the new year some PTF's were applied (I don't know which ones) and now any SQL that converts strings to dates fails. The iSeries is managed ...  Continue Reading

  • Run command on a PC

    One member writes, "I want to start a .Wav file from my iSeries. It works with the STRPCCMD but the length of the parameter is limited to 123, which is too small. Are there any alternatives?" PC/Windows connectivity expert Shahar Mor ...  Continue Reading

  • Why is my job taking twice as long?

    We are running a series of overnight downloads from the iSeries using SQL server with ODBC connections. The job runs in subsystem QUSRWRK. The job, which once took two hours, leapt to a current five hours with no apparent changes to jobs, ...  Continue Reading

  • Problems with new server and PC

    One user writes, "We have made some changes in our network. We added a new server, and a new PC was installed in the old V3R2 Client Access. We are still running OS/400 V3R7 on the iSeries. In the old network, which is still available, I can see in...  Continue Reading