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iSeries user ID's

I need to establish iSeries user ID's quickly. Each will have identical authority and will be named concurrently. Is there a way to batch this, or will I need to create/copy each one manually?

I'm not clear on exactly what's wanted. Here's a sample script that will create 400 identical users named T001 through T400:


   dcl        &ucnt      *dec  (  3 0 )
   dcl        &ucnt_c    *char    3
   dcl        &NewPrf    *char   10

   chgvar     &ucnt    ( 1 )


   chgvar     &ucnt_c    &ucnt
   chgvar     &NewPrf  ( 'T' *cat &ucnt_c )

   crtusrprf  &NewPrf

   chgvar     &ucnt    ( &ucnt + 1 )

   if       ( &ucnt *le 400 )                 +
                 goto Nxt_Prf


Although this creates the user profiles as you requested, they are simply identical.

Unfortunately, this opens up any number of follow on questions: Should they duplicate some existing profile? If a template profile exists, should the same private authorities be replicated? Or is there simply a known set of authorities that should be granted to each?

Profile creation is easily scripted; replicating authorities requires more info that would be specific to your site and needs.

This code should be used for example purposes only and as a starting point for you to develop the custom scripts that will fulfill your company's needs.


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