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iSeries used for both production and development

We have an iSeries that's used as a development server and a production server at the same time. What would be...

the advantage of having a separate development server? Would that set up be easy to implement?

It's certainly preferable to have a test box and a production box. When the test box is used for testing new stuff.... the inherent danger is there that the new programs can cause severe problems. If these problems occur in a test environment on the production box, you could potentially cause severe production problems.

Many companies today are using two physical boxes, one test, one production, with the boxes configured to provide high availability in the event of a problem on the production box -- production is then carried on by the test box while needed.

Some companies use Dynamic Logical Partitions(LPAR), to partition one physical box, into two or more logical boxes. One partition would be dedicated to production and one to test.

If you have not already purchased a software change management tool, you should get one. These tools allow you to maintain your iSeries software, and safely move changes from test to production. These tools also support multiple boxes or LPARs.

Depending on what you already have in place, the process could be relatively painless, or it could take a month or more, if you implement new change control policies and a new Change Management tool.


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