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iSeries support for Domino databases

The iSeries in my IS department supports 12 other user department's Domino databases. I'm interested in the cost of backups. How is the cost usually recovered from other departments, given that user application data size is a very small fraction of the entire full backup size? Has BRMS the functionality to manage the charge out?
I would assume that the easiest way would be through the BRMS reports. You can generate a report using the DSPLOGBRM OUTPUT(*PRINT) option. You can select *BKU activities. I don't remember if the report includes the amount of time required to back up each object, link or library. If it doesn't, you should be able to get an idea from the BRMS generated messages. You may need to modify your policies so that messages are generated. If you need more information on BRMS, see the manual.


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