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iSeries output a separator page

The iSeries can output a separator page to the remote printer (if the option is turned on in the OUTQ Settings). However, it only contains, Job Name, Job Number, User Name, and Time & date stamp. Is there any way to enhance the Separator to include the: File Name, User Data, and FormType?

As far as I know, this is the only information that is included on a separator page. I have used messages to indicate a job has completed and created my own separator pages. This involves holding and releasing the spooled files and separator pages programmatically in order to maintain the correct order. A program waiting for the spooled file to be placed on the output queue triggers a program to create the separator page. The program creating the separator page releases the initial spooled file, creates the separator page (not on hold), then checks the data queue for the next spooled file. Just a simple solution.


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