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iSeries consulting advice

Where would a small company get consulting advice regarding the size and capabilities of iSeries required to best suit their business needs?

The best place to start is with your local IBM office. This can be found in the yellow pages or by going to the IBM Web site. I would give you the number but I have no idea where you are geographically.

The IBM rep will likely bring a business partner with him when you meet. During this meeting they will discuss the size of your company, what platforms and applications you are currently using to run your business, number of users, goals for the IT function, and many other topics that will give them a fair idea of your needs. This in hand they will determine the recommended system size, options, and what applications would best suit your needs.

The iSeries system will give you the most robust, scalable, and reliable system available today and will easily grow with you as your needs change.


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