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iSeries consultants looking for a permanent position

As a long time iSeries contractor/consultant, I'm finding it very difficult to secure a permanent position with a company. This is despite the fact that I bring a huge amount of expert iSeries experience, as well as varied industry exposure and application development experience. Any suggestions?

The number one reason why companies shy away from contractor/consultants is staying power. Companies spend a lot of time and money training new employees and loose productivity while waiting for them to get up to speed. IT turnover is very costly and management?s mindset is ?once a consultant, always a consultant.? They understand that given the current job market, many consultants are forced to take permanent positions. They believe that as soon as the IT market recovers, that many converted professionals will return to the temptations that lured them to consulting in the first place.

Why would someone making $100,000 to $250,000 cut their income in half by accepting a permanent position? Be prepared to answer this question without using ?job stability and less travel.? This gets even more complex and difficult when the permanent job opening requires relocation by the consultant.

Don?t give up trying because many consultants are finding homes in the permanent arena. However, I am putting my money on the fact that a large number will, although cautiously, return to consulting given a ?normal? economy.

The consulting days of Y2k seems so long ago.


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