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iSeries and XP won't play nice

iSeries and XP wont play nice

I wrote an ASP script (localhost) that writes some records on the iSeries. On a PC it works well. The problem is on a different PC that has XP. When the script tries to connect with ODBC on DB/400, IE stays on the page and nothing happens. I think it's an identification problem on the connection line in the ASP script. I give the user and password, on the ODBC panel (CA/400), and then I choose "Use Windows name". Can you tell me what's going on?

XP validates all connection parameters when using any connection method across platforms. You need to verify that the user and password being passed validate on the iSeries system and that the script is not using localhost to mean the XP system itself.

Because XP is built on NT technology, each Windows XP system acts as a server using Microsoft authentication and domain processing rules. In addition, you need to check the security settings in IE. If your XP system has a firewall, you will also need to make sure it is not blocking the transmission to the iSeries. You can check to see if the transactions are even reaching the iSeries by using TRCCNN SET(*ON) TRCTYPE(*IP) TCPDTA(*TCP () () *N '') replacing the with the IP address of your XP workstation. Once you have attempted to connect, execute: TRCCNN SET(*OFF). This will generate a spooled file showing the transactions between your iSeries and the PC.


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