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i5/OS defect when submitting a CHGPF command to an existing physical file

I submitted a CHGPF command to an existing physical file in iSeries. The purpose is to add additional fields to the end of the file without having to recompile RPG/RPGLE programs associated with it. But I received a message "Pointer not set for location referenced. Function check.MCH3601 unmonitored by QDBCHGFI at statement *N, instruction X'0AED'."

Together, it lists a few logical files related to the physical files, and what I noticed is that some of them are joint logical files while some of them are logical files that were defined having fewer fields than its physical files. Please help.

This sounds like an i5/OS defect. I suggest first loading the latest Database Group PTF and contacting IBM Support if the problem still exists.

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