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Writing data from a user space

How can I write data from a user space to a database file?

Many of the APIs use user spaces. There are examples of the Retrieve User Space API's in many of the API programming examples. They give examples in RPG, CL COBOL, and sometimes C. You can get to the examples from the iSeries Information Center.

Start here, select the link for library, from that page select iSeries information center, on the iSeries information center (after selecting North America, and English, and select the Release you are on.) Select Programming, CL and API's, API's, then Examples.

The Deleting Old spool files, and changing an Active Job along with several others show examples of using the Retrieve user space API's. Retrieves information from a user space using one of the following:

               QUSRTVUS API                                             
               QUSPTRUS API.                


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