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Write an RPG program on the AS/400

We recently acquired an ERP package that keeps the database on the AS/400 and the executables in AS/400's IFS.

The files in the AS/400 stored database, have NULL and variable length fields. The connectivity is through CAExpress TCP/IP connection.

The question is: How can we write an RPG program on the AS/400 which can read, change, update, add NULL and Variable length fields in the database, and then how can the PC Users execute that RPG program from IFS?

I would suggest that you consult the RPG reference manual for more info on how to deal with variable length fields and nulls.


Since your database files are in the QSYS file system, I would think that you could execute your RPG program like any other program and you would not need to use the IFS. AS/400 commands can be executed from a PC by using the Remote Execution Server or even by using FTP. More info on both of these options can be found in the AS/400 TCP/IP Configuration Reference Manual. An example of using the FTP option can be found .

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