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Working with the keyword INVITE

I have a display file with the keyword INVITE. I am using this with a time delay of five seconds to refresh the screen. I believe I have followed all the rules to make this work and it does work 99.9% of the time. But on very rare occasions I get the message CPF4737. This implies that I have done a display file format WRITE before doing a display file READ? I have only managed to create this error twice in two days. The same steps don't necessarily cause the error again. Have you ever seen this error or know what causes it. It is only a question of time before this happens in production?

Having done this a time or two, you can use error trapping to verify the error and execute a new write and see if the error is generated again. You can also use the FRCDTA in your display file to force the write. The simplest answer for me was to call it from a CL, pass an indicator and trap the error. If the error occurs, set your passed indicator to loop in the CL and re-execute the program. In answer to your last question, development systems tend to be smaller, slower and sometimes are not on the same PTF level as a production system. The answer is "maybe".


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