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Working with data decryption

I am going to be part of a project to receive credit card information from our POS registers encrypted using Audio Engineering Society (AES). My part in the project will be to use the decryption API to display the card information when appropriate in the iSeries applications. I found the system supplied QC3DECDT (decrypt data) API. I would like to find a sample program that uses it so I don't have to recreate the wheel. Do you know where I can find any good examples/sample programs? I know that there are packages out there to do the work but from initial conversations, it looks like we might do it in-house.
The QC3DECDT API does not seem to have any example programs on the IBM site, ever for V5R3.

There is a discussion thread you could join and Scott Klement has a useful page about the MI __CYPHER encrypt/decrypt call.

Actually, the QC3DECDT API looks fairly straightforward, and it should be possible to create a test program fairly quickly with which you can learn the fundamentals, so long as you have some test data and keys.


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