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Working with WDS's wizard

In WebSphere Development Studio (WDS), using the Web Diagram and Web Interaction Wizard, I find it very limited in its actual real-world use. For instance, I have a Sales Order Entry 5250 application that I want to convert to the Web. The problem is that once I have a diagram and Web Interaction defined, I cannot go back, add new input, and output .jsp pages; build new PARMs, RPGs to call, parm structures, map them to the input/ouput pages, bring up and design the input (and output), form WYSIWYG layout designer to manage the field's layout and controls, and use flow controllers.

The Wizard is impressive in demos, but when you get to real-world applications where you have more than two pages (1 input and 1 output) the Wizard offers no solution in reiterative development.

Is there a way to do this with the Wizard without having to hand-code all the associated .jsp's and .Java?

Everyone has a different opinion on these tools. I've worked with them a lot and like them very much EVEN though there are real "holes" in terms of their function. I can work around the holes -- productively is the key.

I don't bother with the Web diagram Wizard because it truly buys me nothing over using a Struts editor in WDSC - doesn't cut the time or the knowledge I need to create a valid struts config. It DOES work well as an application documentation aid AFTER you've built the application -- I print the diagrams for users doc.

I DO use the Web interaction Wizard in version 5.1.2 of WDSC because it now generates a Struts application that I can then just add the Web pages generated to my own Struts config file and create my own workflow where I need to. Yes the Web interaction wizard is a great tool because it's very quick to edit the definitions and regenerate the pages. You can do pretty well today in generating reasonable pages especially if you are using template pages now. The key is to let the Web interaction Wizard do some of the "heavy lifting" to quickly generate the basic input / output application interaction and then use the results in your own workflow.


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