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Working with Save-while-active checkpoints

I noticed that you recommend the system in a quiesce state while the Save-while-active reaches its checkpoint before...

letting the users online to continue an *allusr backup. How do you know when the checkpoint has been reached? Is there a message that I can monitor so that I can start up Qinter in a CL program? Our backups are unattended, and I would like to cut down on the synchronization time as it takes about three hours before the backup tapes start moving.

Message CPI3712 "Save-while-active checkpoint processing complete" is sent to the message queue specified in the SAVLIB command: SAVACTMSGQ(MYLIB/MYMSGQ)

As for reducing the time it takes to reach a checkpoint, consider using multiple tape drives and running multiple save commands concurrently. Also use SWA for data libraries only. Programs, display files etc. can be saved without having to use SWA. I've also heard from a very credible source that there is no advantage to using SWA for source files. Once you do this, your time to checkpoint will improve significantly. I backup my entire 1.5TB system nightly using SWA and a combination of concurrent full or cumulative saves. My time from quiesce through checkpoint to system startup is less than 15 minutes on average.


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