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Working with IFS

Recently it was pointed out to me that the IFS uses the same disk as the rest of the iSeries 400. Previously, I thought it was restricted to some area. Now I am concerned that a PC application might be able to load up the disk through the IFS. Is this a problem?

The IFS needs as much attention as the "traditional" library structure in OS/400. The IFS "starts" with a directory called "root" - denoted by "" When you display authorities in the IFS, you can use the WRKAUT (Wok with Authorities) command. You will need to pay attention to two sets of authorities - Data Authorities and Object Authorities. Both sets of authorities are shipped, by default, with *PUBLIC having all of the authorities. This is important because, in most cases, when a directory or folder is created, it inherits the authorities of the directory it's created into. This is like creating a library with *PUBLIC(*ALL) and then having all of the objects created into the libraries also created as *PUBLIC(*ALL).


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