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Working with FTP extensions

I'm trying to FTP files to an iSeries from my PC. I'm using the FTP the file goes across, but it takes the extension of the PC file as a member name. I want these to go across as a separate file with extension. Can you advise me?

The iSeries FTP server indeed uses the extension as the member name. There are two things that can be done regarding this issue:

1. You may want to put the file in the IFS -- it will keep the PC name.

For example:
cd /tmp
put autoexec.bat

2. You can specify an exact required member name, for example:

Put autoexec.bat myfile.mymbr.

Note: If the above is not good enough, you may invoke copy file after the "put", such as:

put autoexec.bat xx
quote rcmd cpyf fromfile(xx) tofile(myfile.ext)


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