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Working with CallPath on the iSeries

We are looking to upgrade to V5R2 later on this year. The question has arisen concerning CallPath, which we are currently using for our telephony needs. CallPath is no longer supported by IBM, nor owned by IBM. Have you experienced running CallPath on V5R2, or do you know if CallPath will fail to run on the iSeries under V5R2?

According to IBM, the following products will not be support in a V5R2 environment. CallPath is on this list. Therefore, you will need to find an alternative Telephony application or stay at your current release.

(Note: List taken from the IBM iSeries Information Center V5R2 - Search for CallPath)

Licensed programs no longer supported at V5R2. The following products are no longer supported this release:

5733-A47 WebSphere Personalization Version 3.5 for AS/400

5722-AC2 Cryptographic Access Provider 56-bit for AS/400 (No longer need because of changes to U.S. export and import regulations. If you currently have this product and want to continue using it, you can obtain 5722-AC3, Cryptographic Access Provider 128-bit.)

5733-AS3 WebSphere Application Server, Standard Edition for AS/400 (128-bit) (5722-AS4 is supported.)

5733-B2B Connect for iSeries (Replaced with 5733-CO2, which is Version 2.)

5648-C69 IBM CallPath Server for AS/400

5722-CE2, IBM iSeries Client Encryption (56-bit) (This product, which provides 56-bit encryption capability for Client Access Express and Toolbox for Java, is no longer needed because of changes to U.S. export and import regulations. If you currently have this product, you can obtain 5722-CE3, iSeries Client Encryption (128-bit.)

5765-D65 IBM DB2 DataJoiner Version 2.1.1

5769-DP3 IBM DB2 DataPropagator for AS/400 Version 7.1 (Replaced by DataPropagator V8 for iSeries)

5648-GL1 SanFrancisco General Ledger 1.4

5648 OM1 SanFrancisco Order Management 1.4

5733-PY2 WebSphere Payment Manager for iSeries, V2.2

5648-RP1 SanFrancisco Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable 1.4

5648-SF1 SanFrancisco Base 1.4

5798-TBG NetView FTP

5733-WA3 WebSphere Application Server Version 3.5, Advanced Edition for AS/400 (128-bit) (Replaced by 5733-WA4 WebSphere Application Server V4.0, Advanced Edition for iSeries)

5798-WC4 WebSphere Commerce Suite, Pro Edition, Version 4.1 (Replaced by 5733-WC5 WebSphere Commerce for iSeries, Version 5.4. If you are entitle to 5798-WC4 through Software Subscriptio, you are entitled to order 5733-WC5 free of charge.

5722 WDS Option 1 AS/400 Tools - Build Tools

5722-WDS Option 61 Workstation Tools - WebFacing, CODE

5722-WDS Option 62 Workstation Tools - VisualAge RPG

5722-WDS Option 63 Workstation Tools - WebSphere Studio

5722-WDS Option 64 Workstation Tools - VisualAge for Java

5648 WM1 SanFrancisco Warehouse Management 1.4

5722-XH1 iSeries Access for Web (V5R1M0) (Replaced by 5722-XH2 (V5R2M0))


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