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Workaround to QUMBPOBJ API Ultimedia problem

I was just wondering whether you can help me with my ultimedia problem.

Host is the iSeries (AS/400) platform running OS/400 V4R5M0 Client is Windows 95 or NT or 98 running Client Access V3R2M0. Connection is SNA or TCP/IP.

The image is presented/retrieved on the PC client by calling API QUMBOOBJ on the AS/400 under the Ultimedia System Facilities. This API has a parameter for a "Remote Location Name" to retrieve the image to. The API works fine under SNA connection as the Client Access SNA (NS Router) configuration creates an APPC controller, which is the remote location to present the image to. I want to use TCP/IP connection, but Client Access TCP/IP configuration does NOT create an APPC controller.

I assume you are referring to the QUMBPOBJ API (your note said "QUMBOOBJ"). Since there are no TCP/IP-specific versions of the Ultimedia APIs, your best workaround in this case is to use the QUMBQUSR API first. It will return the Remote Net ID and Remote Location Name for a user profile currently running USF/CPM (Ultimedia Systems Facilities/Cooperative Process Manager).

I would also advise the PC clients have a current service pack for Client Access installed (the latest one for CA V3R2M0 is SF64050).

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