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Work on a contract basis with the iSeries

How can I get work on contract basis for iSeries? Are there any companies offering work through remote connection?

Consultants have been hard hit by the economy as well. The following is what we have heard and experienced: Of the total number of consultants a year ago, approximately half are now employed in full time positions. The remaining consultants have been taking whatever and wherever they can get a gig or two. The good news is that there are less consultants available "on the bench" today then there were a few months ago and companies cannot afford to postpone projects indefinitely nor can they forever miss deadlines if they intend to stay competitive. We believe the consultant market looks very promising both in the near future (6 months) and most definitely a return to normalcy by late next year.

Companies are very reluctant to have anyone work through remote connection. Especially an unknown entity such as a consultant working for them for the very first time. The consultants that seem to be most successful in today's market have to be flexible when it comes to both travel and bill rates as well as length of contract.


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