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Window and orphan control of the editing functions

Users key in comments for line items with each comment -- 59 characters in length and unlimited number of comments for the line (using subfile processing). We want to be able to key on the screen as if they were keying in a word document, so that it wraps if the 59th character is in the middle of a word. How can this be done using DDS?
Unless you are going to write a direct screen editor using an internally defined display file, there is no way in 5250 data streams to do what you are asking to do. If I understand you correctly, you are asking for window and orphan control of the editing functions. By that I mean if the user enters a word and the word "WRAPS" to the next line, you want to move the entire word to the next line and allow the user to continue to type without regard to pressing the enter or tab keys.

There isn't a way to do this using DDS because the screen is independent of the program processing the screen. The only time the data is transmitted from the user's screen back to the processing program using 5250 data streams is when the user presses the "enter" or another function key or the attention key.


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