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Why is the batch job failing?

In our day-to-day application, we submit some jobs which do the following tasks:

[1] A temporary file (say TEMP1) is being created in QTEMP [2] Some data is then populated to TEMP1. [3] Using that data of TEMP1, another file FILE1 is populated. [4] After the successful population, TEMP1 in QTEMP is cleared.

Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, this batch job fails after step three, when the TEMP1 in QTEMP has already been populated. Is there any way to see the data in this file (QTEMP/TEMP1)? To access the QTEMP of the submitted job?
Library QTEMP is generally only accessible from the job that owns it. There are third-party packages that can be implemented to allow direct access to another jobs QTEMP library, however, I'd just modify the program to monitor for this error message and then either print out the contents of the file.



...copy it to another library where you can look at it using the DSPPFM command.


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