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Why is my printer printing in the wrong mode?

We are using HP Laserjet printers on TCP/IP for printing our iSeries 400 reports through the printer files. By default it prints in landscape mode. We have a requirement to print in portrait mode (80 columns wide) for some reports.

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This is most likely due to your print file settings. The default on the CRTPRTF command is to create a print file with a width of 132 characters. The HP Laserjets will print in landscape mode a file defined as 132 characters in width, regardless of how much is used. Use either the CHGPRTF or CRTPRTF commands to specify a width of 80 characters on your print file and you should be printing in portrait mode. If you are still not printing in a portrait mode, check the options on your HP printer menu.


  • Try 122 chars if you're doing compressed print (CPI-15). George P Duda
  • I think most laser printer configurations use a PAGRTT (page rotate) parameter of *AUTO or *COR (computer output reduction) to force-fit their output on an 8 1/2" x 11" page. When you have a short-width print output and want it to print full-size, the default still assumes that it should be size-reduced and rotated anyway. Rather than change the print file, which sometimes is a generic name and affects a wide variety of output for which I do want the default, I have usually had luck with most laser printer setups when I do an OVRPRTF with PAGRTT(0), setting the rotation to zero, which also seems to abort the *COR shrinking, and gives me the portrait output I want in those cases. Linda Ireland

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