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Why does the first backup always run faster?

We have about 20 AS/400's (models 7xx and 8xx) installed here in Switzerland within CIBA, and we are backing up data on a daily (Monday-Thursday), weekly (Friday) and monthly basis using the "GO BACKUP" OS/400 tasks.

We are also backing up data paths. After each backup we IPL the system. We've found out this strange thing years ago, but we are not able to explain why.

Here's the description:

The first backup of the week (after the week-end) running on Monday night always runs 20% time faster, and we do not know why. The same thing appears on all 20 systems. Can you help me understanding what is happening?

The default of the daily backup is to save using the SAVCHGOBJ command. The default of the SAVCHGOBJ command is to save any object that has changed since the last SAVLIB operation. As the week goes on, the amount of objects being saved by the SAVCHGOBJ tends to grow as more and more objects have been used.

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