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Why can't I use the IPX protocol?

I have a dialup account to a local ISP, a VPN using Novell IP, and IPX authentication to my supplier, then to their iSeries server. This works great. Now I have a T1 connection to the Internet with Windows NT 4 Proxy server and I try to use VPN through proxy. I can connect using IP, but not able to get to their iSeries. The only difference is I cannot use the IPX protocol when going through my proxy. Can you give me direction on where to allow proxy to use this?

The Windows NT 4.0 Proxy server is not a true proxy server, nor does it handle IPX proxy like a gateway or firewall would handle them. (This is in the NT 4.0 Proxy server documentation). As far as I know, it will not allow any IPX/SPX connections through. Drop the IPX authentication and use IP.


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