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Why can we no longer print to local printers using V4R5?

We have for a long time printed from OS/400 V4R5 to local printers on our PCs via remote OUTQ'S specifying IP address and printer share names.

For some reason, this seems to have stopped working. The PC's IP addresses are correct -- as are the print names and the TCP/IP printing service is running on the PCs.

We can still print to printers via remote printer queues with no problem.

There has been several changes to our Network recently, but as we can logon to iSeries and print to the printers I did not think this affected the iSeries.

This is probably related to network issues. If the iSeries and the PCs are on different segments separated with firewall it may be possible that the LPD ports are closed.

Have your network admin take care of port 512 open in the iSeries -> PC direction.

BTW: The fact that the telnet is working only suggests that the network link is working properly; however, telnet works on different ports.


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