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Why am I getting MCH1205 during execution?

I'm getting MCH1205 during execution of a program that uses a PRTF with TIME EDTWRD(' . . ') . It was running fine on V5R3.
We are not yet on V5R3, so I cannot test this. However, you should first be sure that it is the TIME operation that is causing the problem, using debug and allowing the display of Input/Output debug lines (i.e. NOT specifying OPTION (*NODEBUGIO) in the H-spec). Then you will see the actual line in the print file that the error is occurring on.

Also, I seem to remember having similar problems a while ago on V5R2 -- try using EDTWRD('0 . . '), where the zero is followed by two blanks, dot, two blanks, dot, two blanks. If that does not work, then try EDTWRD('0 . . ').


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