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What's up with function check MCH42b5?

I have a problem with my folders. When I WRKFLR, the program converts to 64-bit RISK and then bombs out to the command line with a function check MCH42b5. Any ideas what is causing this issue? I'm using V4R5MO iSeries 170 PTF TL01296.

I found the following item in the IBM Knowledge Base:

If the WRKFLR or another command or function results in MCH42B5, Program or module not observable, it is usually caused by a RISC system (running at release V3R6 or higher) calling a program or module that is at CISC V3R2 or lower.

Run the DSPOBJD command, and select Option 8 to display service attributes on that program or module to determine its release level. To resolve this issue permanently, install a version of the license program (associated with that program or module) that is compatible with the release of the RISC operating system. Sometimes that problem can be circumvented by deleting the product (if it is not needed) or renaming the library (if there was no need to use the program or module being called).


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