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What's the difference between the three types of subfiles as in the DDS?

What's the difference between the three types of subfiles in the DDS, as well as the difference in programming...

the three. Also, how is one more advantageous over the other with respect to the OS/400, as well as the program?

Rather than go into a long and involved explanation here, I will point you to a number of articles on the subject by Kevin Vandever:

Back to Basics: Introduction to Subfiles: This is a basic introduction to subfiles in RPG, with an example of a LOAD ALL subfile.

Back to Basics -- Self-Extending Subfiles: This converts the LOAD ALL subfile to a SELF EXTENDING subfile.

Become the Master of Your Subfile Domain: This completes the trilogy with the page-at-a-time or single-page subfile.

Additional articles which will be of interest to anyone doing subfiles are:

Back to Basics: Multiple Subfiles on One Screen: This covers multiple LOAD ALL subfiles on a screen.

Back to Basics: Side-by-Side Subfiles: This covers 'side-by-side' subfiles (!)

Back to Basics: Modifying a Subfile: This shows how to let the user add and update database data from a subfile.

Back to Basics: Data Entry Subfiles: This article covers fast data entry using a subfile.

Empower Users with Embedded SQL: This combines embedded SQL with subfiles for a powerful enquiry program All the articles have downloadable code for you to build on. My own advice is to stick with self-extending subfiles unless there is a good reason for going for one of the other techniques. Once you have your code perfect for the technique you will normally use, it is then just a matter of copying code and making slight alterations when you have a new subfile program to write.

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