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What's the correct configuration for my network printer?

I have to print a document on an OTC 1050 printer (dot matrix. It emulates the Epson FX-100) attached with Hewlett-Packard Jet Direct to a remote LAN. We are on a frame-relay network using TCP/IP. We use Netwolf 5250 emulation software. The document prints properly with the exception of some bar codes that the printer does not recognize, and my guess is that my printer is not configured properly.

In other locations we have the same printer connected to a remote controller via a leased line, configured as a 5256, and it works fine. I tried to connect this printer to a PC, but the AS/400 telnet session supports only laser jet printers. Can you suggest a printer configuration that may work?

As with any non-IBM piece of hardware, the best first contact should be with the hardware vendor. If they sold the hardware as being compatible with OS/400, they should support you and get your printer working correctly.

Further, I would check the CRTOUTQ command parameters used when the out queue for this printer was originally created. Review all of the parameter entries and reference the CL Reference Manual for the CRTOUTQ command. This manual will give you all the possible parameter entries that may help you with your printing problems. Also, check the AS/400 Support Line Knowledge Base.

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