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What's causing slow response times?

When my remote iSeries users press the enter key on their PC in a Client Access session, they sometimes have to wait several seconds for their screen to refresh. When I look in the iSeries Performance Tools, it says that they are getting subsecond response times.

I believe the problem is in our network and not on the iSeries, but I don't know where to look. We have a dedicated T1 connection with Cisco routers between the locations and should be getting excellent times. We are only utilizing a small percentage of our bandwidth. Where should I begin to look for the problem?

If you have authority to the STRSST command, you can use OS/400 communications trace facility to measure the time lapse between when a data request leaves your iSeries NIC card, and when it is received back.

If the amount of time between when a request leaves the NIC card and the time it returns is large, the network is to be implicated. If the amount of time between the request leaving the iSeries and when it returns to the iSeries is very short, then the iSeries would look more like the cause of the performance problem. If the iSeries is the problem, then the performance tools can be used to see narrow down the offending applications.


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