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What's adopted authority all about?

This iSeries user is in search of adopted authority information. Where can he find some? Security expert Paul Jury has some suggestions.

I'm in search of adopted authority information. Do you know where I can find detailed information?

You can read all about adopted authority in the OS/400 Security Reference Manual. The V4R5 version can be found here. The essence of what you will learn is that a program can be made to always run under the authority of the program's owner, in addition to any authority borne by the calling user. It's an awfully handy way of providing elevated authority within a limited scope, but as you can imagine it does have its risks and limitations.

Also look at the document, " Tips and tools for securing your iSeries" the V5R2 version.

The table of contents for this online manual can be searched for "adopt". The topics there include excellent discussions as well as providing further links to related topics.

In general, the iSeries Information Center is an excellent source of information and can be found here. Once you navigate through the opening panels to your language and the version of OS/400 that fits you, bookmark the resulting page for later.


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Another great place to find information on Adopted authority is Search400.com. You'll find a wealth of information by using the targeted search engine.

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