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What will we be up against when we upgrade to V5R1?

We will be upgrading to V5R1 but we want to upgrade only Client Access first, then the operating system. Can this be done? What problems will we encounter? Also, will the command 'edtdoc' for OV/400 still work in V5R1?

The client code for V5R1 of CA/400 Express will generally work with a V4R5 system, but several of the newer features that require V5R1 code won't. In my opinion it will just cause your users to be confused, especially if they use the OPS Nav interface. I would recommend upgrading to V5R1 on the system first and leave the CA/400 clients at V4R5. Then slowly migrate the users to the new client code.

As for the EDTDOC command... It will no longer function on V5R1 because Office Vision/400 is required and Office Vision/400 is not available on a V5R1 system.


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