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What or who changed the QAUDCTL value?

What or who changed the QAUDCTL value?

How can I trace what or who changed the QAUDCTL value from *OBJAUD *AUDLVL *NOQTEMP to *NONE? This has happened several times in the past few months. In this case I suspect something happened during an IPL. A previous time I think it was an issued command. The journal stops recording when the command is issued.
QAUDCTL is the on/off "switch" for auditing. The system itself will turn it off if it can't send an audit journal entry. If the system can't send a journal entry it will set QAUDCTL to *NONE and send the message CPI2283 to QSYSOPR. This happens when the journal receiver attached to QAUDJRN is full and hasn't been configured to auto-generate a new receiver. If a person is actually changing the system value, an SV (system value) entry should be sent to the audit journal before the system value is changed. My guess though, is that this is a journal receiver issue.


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