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What is this message 'SQL7917'?

I need some technical information please. I have query for AS/400 loaded on my box. In the MSGID field I am getting the message 'SQL7917'. I have searched the Web extensively for a decent description of this message. I have still not been able to find neither a decent thorough description, or a recovery for this. Please could you assist me in this matter.

The message you are looking for I found in the B2 UDB for AS/400 SQL Programming book on the web. The Web site is and it contains all the manuals for the AS400. The message you refer to is ?SQL7917 Access plan not updated?.

What ?SQL7917 - Access plan not updated? means is (I copied this from the IBM site).

The database manager rebuilt the access plan for this statement, but the program could not be updated with the new access plan. Another job is currently running the program that has a shared lock on the access plan of the program. The program cannot be updated with the new access plan until the job can obtain an exclusive lock on the access plan of the program. The exclusive lock cannot be obtained until the shared lock is released. The statement will still run and the new access plan will be used; however, the access plan will continue to be rebuilt when the statement is run until the program is updated.

Make sure your program has a lock on the file and if you have other embedded SQL statements above, they are closed. You seam to have a file access issue that needs to be resolved. Refer to the site above and search on ?Access plan? and hopefully it will help. The link I posted above, I use on a regular basis and find it very helpful.

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