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What is eating up my CPU?

I have an AS/400 Model 720, during the past four years I was always monitoring the performance, and the CPU utilization was around 20%. The number of interactive users increases day by day. Just this week, however, suddenly the CPU utilization is going to 100%, and CFINT01 process is eating 85% of my CPU. We're getting new system in less than two months. How can I deal with this process temporarily until I upgrade the system?

CFINT01 is also known as the "interactive governor." This job enforces the interactive CPW; on a Model 720 feature #1500 is 35 (Interactive) CPW, #1501 is 70 CPW, #1502 is 120 CPW, #1503 is 240 CPW, #1504 is 560 CPW and #1505 is 1050 CPW. As you add users, your interactive CPU usage also grows. When your interactive usage approaches the rated interactive limit, CFINT01 steps in and "uses up" your CPU. The easiest way to alleviate this would be to find some interactive processes that could easily be submitted to batch, such as compiles or queries. When you get your new system, you will want to boost your interactive capacity to give you more room for growth.

I also recommend Performance Navigator, a tool from Midrange Performance Group that will allow you to monitor and track your interactive CPU usage as well as predict what your usage will be after you upgrade the system. You can download the free version and use a limited set of the tools immediately. If you ask nicely they may even offer to send you a key to unlock the full version for a limited trial.

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