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What is an "incremental" backup?

What is an "incremental" backup and can it be implemented on an iSeries platform?

There are a couple kinds of "incremental" backups available on the iSeries. Lots of people refer to both kinds as just incremental, but there is a difference...

You can execute a save command on the iSeries specifying that any object changed "since the last full save" will be saved. This type of incremental save is also referred to as a cumulative save, since each incremental BU after a full backup contains an accumulation of everything changed since the last full backup. This backup replaces any prior incremental backups. Recovery may be easier since all you need to process is the last full backup and the latest cumulative incremental.

Another type of incremental backup saves the changes to any object since the last time you performed any kind of save. This type of backup may run faster because fewer things need to be saved each time, but the recovery requires that you process the full save and ALL incremental backups.

Which one is right in your environment? Only you can make that determination.

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