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What is a "Dumb" terminal and what is a "Intelligent" terminal?

I don't understand the terms "intelligent" and "dumb" terminals. Can you explain them for me please.

A "Dumb" terminal is a CRT (Screen), a Keyboard and sometimes a light-pen and/or barcode scanner. It cannot do any processing or storage of data, thus the name "Dumb". An "Intelligent" terminal can be one of two things: 1. A PC. If it is a PC, then it can use an "Emulator" to perform the same functions that a "Dumb" terminal can. It can also process on it's own and store information on the PC retrieved from another system, such as the iSeries. 2 A "Thin-client". If it is a "Thin-client", it is similar to a PC, but has no local storage capabilities, but costs less than a PC would cost and has mouse and other communications capabilities.


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This was last published in December 2001

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