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What character is needed *EOR?

Using CPYTOIMPF I am having an issue with the *EOR. I am sending data to a SYBASE database it seems that when the last field of the record is blank that it is losing the place for that field and causing errors in SYBASE. The SYBASE admin folks can't seem to tell me what character is needed *EOR. Any help that you can provide is very much appreciated.

The end of record indicator can be anything you need it to be by specifying the actual hex value in the CPYTOIMPF command (i.e. X'00'). The default on the CPYTOIMPF command is to put a null (Hex 00) as an end of record terminator. That is a pretty typical EOR indicator. Hopefully you are not using blanks as your field or string delimiters on the CPYTOMIMPF command. If you are, I can see how a blank field would confuse the DB on the other end.

The other thing to look at is the possibility that the transfer process (FTP, ODBC, etc.) is doing something to your records. Have the Sybase people show you the records they are receiving and make sure it looks like the way you sent it, especially the ones that have blanks as the last field.

Another possibility it that problem is on the SYBASE side and the people on the other end can't explain it so they give you their best guess as to why they think the problem is on your end. The only way I've found to get through this type of problem is to take it step-by-step with the people on the other end until they will finally acknowledge that the data you're sending is correct. If they perceive a problem, have them show you the data problems and how the data you're sending is different when there is a blank in the last field, as opposed to a non-blank field. This is probably the most common "data issue" that I face when transferring data to another database. Another thing I've learned from experience, once you're pretty sure that you are sending the data up correctly, make them show you the data problems and don't just take their word for it.


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