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What can we do to improve our system performance?

We are on an iSeries 810 with 1020 CPW and 1536 MB of memory (V5R2 OS/400.) By using the Work with System Activity, we gathered that the Overall CPU % is below 50% with the CFINT01 CPU Utilization at 4.2%. With that statistics, the system is like "stand still". We are wondering what else can be the cause of slowness, and also what else can we use to more precisely monitor the actual speed of the system? Also, what can be done to improve the system performance more significantly?
There are several probabilities that could be going on. I would suggest the following:

1. Consider is adding more memory. We actually have the same system and we have 4461MB of memory.

2. How many logical files are built over your physical files? I would consider getting a tool that will analyze all the necessary access paths that are built by SQL, queries and other accesses into the physical files and build the appropriate logical files.

3. Are people running interactive queries? These can be an immense drain on the system.


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