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What are some good reasons to upgrade the OS?

My company is on an iSeries 620 2179 9406 machine. We are on release 4.2 OS/400. They have dropped the software subscription. I want them to pay to get back on the subscription so that we can get access to our iSeries using the VPN and the Internet.

What are some good reasons I can give management why we need to upgrade to at least 5.1 or 5.2?

And what version do I need to be on to use the VPN and access the iSeries through the Internet.

Wow, V4R2... That's like taking a trip in a time machine!

I wasn't sure when VPN became available in OS/400, it is just a feature I just take for granted now. But after asking a few questions, I found out it was available as part of the firewall product on V4R3 and then became available natively in V4R4.

I believe you answered your own question...

"What are some good reasons I can give management why we need to upgrade to at least 5.1 or 5.2."

The best reason in my opinion, for keeping current with the latest OS, is to have access to all the new features that continue to be added to OS/400. You seem to require access to your system over a VPN and VPN access is available on the iSeries. IBM spends millions of dollars a year enhancing the operation system for the AS/400 and iSeries. However, in order to have access to all this new function you have to make a concerted effort to stay current. If you upgrade as each new release comes available, the upgrades process is usually quite routine and any new feature can be absorbed by you and your company slowly over time. However, since you are now so far behind, you will have to do multiple upgrades to reach V5R2 and some of the everyday look and feel of the OS user presentation level may have changed significantly, making this upgrade even harder on your user base.

If you "need" the VPN function, you will have to bite the bullet and upgrade. This will cost money and your system will be down for several hours, possibility days, while you do this.

My advice to you in the future is to plan for the long term and stay current. It is a much easier way to administer the AS/400 and iSeries platforms.


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