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I am an application architect for an international insurance company. My skills are COBOL, CL and SQL. What direction should I take to stay marketable?

Although we see positions that require your stated skill set, these tend to be a sub-set of the overall requirement.

It would behoove you to invest in developing RPG IV /ILE , Java, WebSphere, and/or Lotus Notes skills. In addition, adding ERP/MRP (JDE, Lawson, Infinium, etc.) experience will also add to your marketability.

Employers today are looking for P/As and, in particular, architects who have DEPTH in their skill set portfolio. Few shops today have a single platform and environment upon which they depend to operate their business.

Being conversant in a variety of technologies is desired. However, practical application and the ability to deliver solutions in several environments makes an IT professional a very marketable commodity.


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