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What TCP ports are used by ODBC to connect to the DB2/400?

What TCP ports are used by ODBC to connect to the DB2/400?

8471 for non SSL connection (9471 for secured by SSL connection)

You may find the following list interesting:

List of servers and required ports (non secured and secured)

Server Mapper as-svrmap 449 449 
License Management as-central 8470 9470 
Database Access as-database 8471 9471 
Data Queues as-dtaq 8472 9472 
Network Drives as-file 8473 9473 
Network Printers as-netprt 8474 9474 
Remote Command as-rmtcmd 8475 9475 
Signon Verification as-signon 8476 9476 
Telnet (PC5250 Emulation) telnet 23 992 
HTTP Administration as-admi > 2001 2010 
POP3 (MAPI) pop3 5010 --- 
Management Central as-mgtc > 5555 5566 
Ultimedia Services as-usf 8480 9480 
Network Drives as-netd *8477 --- 
File Transfer as-tran *8478 --- 
Virtual Print as-vrtp *8479 --- 
DRDA DRDA 446 --- 
DDM DDM 447 448 
AnyNet APPCoverTCPIP 397 (TCP and UDP) --- 

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