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What PTFs do I need?

We are running V5R1, and I am trying to find out where I am at with PTFs. Is there an easy way to find out where I am at and what cume packages I might need to order?
You can go to this URL -- http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/support/iseries/index.html -- to get information about the latest cume and group PTF packages available. At this page, click on the link near the middle of the page called Fixes. Then click on the link called Recommended fixes to get the PTF numbers for the latest cume package, HIPER package and Database Group. You can use the SNDPTFORD command on the iSeries to order these or just click on the PTF number on the Web page to view the cover letter and then click on the Add to my Download List. (The latter option will require that you register with IBM, which can be done online as well.)

On the same page where you found the cume, HIPER and DB group info, you can look for group PTFs for specific products under the heading Recommended for specific products or functions.

To see what products you have installed on your iSeries, you can do a DSPSFWRSC or a GO LICPGM option 10. You can also use the WRKPTFGRP command to find a list of current group PTFs you have installed and at what level. Order the groups using SNDPTFORD. Or, on the Web page, select your OS/400 release level and then use the scroll box to find products you have installed on your system. Order them online by clicking on the link that says Order these recommended fixes. The fixes will be shipped to you on CD, to the contact information you have supplied, with instructions on how to load and apply them.

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