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WebFacing unit test error

I got the following error message while working on the WebFacing unit test. The error message component is SystemOut. It has a message level of "U". And the message text is read as, "com.ibm.as400ad.webfacing.runtime.core.WFException: WF0029: Unable to load properties file contracting properties. Check that the class path for your Web application is correct. (Java.lang.Error:)".

Your application is attempting to load a properties file. I would assume by the name that this is a properties file relating to either the runtime module of the WebFacing tool, or specific to your application. You can search the IFS directories to find the file and make sure it exists and add the path to that file to your classpath definitions, or copy it to a customizing directory already in the classpath. I didn't find any references to that properties file directly, so I would assume that it was created as a tracing options file for your application.


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