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WebFacing problem

I have a WebFaced application which was created on WDSC 5.0 and runs fine. This same application after going to WDSC converts fine, but while it?s running it keeps flashing the screen and does not stop for input. The OS/400 is at V5R2M0. I believe the WFrun.jar is the problem and I need a later version of this, but I cannot seem to find one anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you're WDSC status shows you are running, then there are two things that I'd look at:

1. The WFRun.jar would have a build date of 2/2/04 12:15 IF you view the files in it (using WinZip for Instance.)

2. Try running rebuild project on your WebFacing project. There are state inconsistencies that can show up in WDSC. If you select your project in the WebFacing perspective, go to the menu bar > Project > Rebuild project.

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