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WebFacing errors

While attempting to run my first WebFaced application in the WebSphere Test Environment in VAJAVA, I am encountering the following error:

WF0029: Unable to load properties file

Our iSeries is on V5R1 with all current PTFs installed, including WebFacing specific PTFs.

WAS 3.5.7

The file in question does indeed exist in the conf folder. The WebFacing server is started and I have verified that both QQ.. jobs are running. Neither job has yet varied on any devices, either.

Do you know what I need to do so that the WTE is able to find the wfapp.properties file, or are there possibly other issues with the QQ... jobs communicating with the WAS?

A couple of points. You NEED to be using WebSphere Development Studio Client for the iSeries, NOT the older WDTI and VAJAVA.

Also, WAS 3.5.7 isn't a recommended runtime for WebFacing, although IBM will disagree. My customers run on WebSphere 4 or 5, WebSphere Express or Tomcat very successfully.

Finally, the WebFacing tool generates a wfapp.properties file in the conf directory of the Web app UNLESS you're using the latest version of the WebFacing tool, which puts the config information in a web.xml file.


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