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WebFacing error: User ID or password invalid

We have installed WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSC) 5.1.2 to reface an iSeries green-screen application and create a browser-based user interface using IBM WebFacing tool. The server is WebSphere Application server V5.0 installed on Windows NT. After following all the steps to create a project on the development studio client and selecting the 'run on server' option we see the log-in page. When we enter a valid user ID and password, we get the error, "user ID or password invalid while logging to" is our iSeries IP Address. Can you please guide us to resolve the above error?

If you are getting the log-in prompt from the WebFacing application, then the application is running correctly in the test environment. If you can login with that user ID and password on the green screen, then the user ID is ok. The only other issues I can think of are:

1. The may be a problem with the WebFacing tool version and it's service packs not matching the iSeries OS/400 version with related PTFs (get those from the IBM sites)

2. The user ID doesn't have the proper authority to run the WebFacing application. If this is the case, you'll probably have an error message (if the logging is set correctly for the job description) in QHST or QSYSOPR.


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